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hi, i am an apartment dweller

The hubby  and I are going to stay in our  apartment for another year or two as we save for a house. Since we are making the commitment to stay we have decided to make the apartment more comfortable for us to dwell. We think painitingg these white walls may help liven up the place.We are told that we can do so as long as we change the color back to white upon leaving. I would like advice in a few areas.Should we have a professional do the painting or make it a diy? since we have to paint white again, are there colors to avoid? Should we invest in a sprayer if we do it ourselves? neither of us have painted so any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!!

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Posted 2010-11-30T03:15:19+0000  by shanika1m1 shanika1m1

Hi Shanika,


Welcome and thanks for the great questions!


I'm PatInPaint and I produced this video to answer your questions.


Behr's Ultra (paint and primer in one) will cover almost any color in two coats and the flat sheen is both washable and easy to paint over when you need to return the rooms to their original colors.


When selecting colors, Behr's Virtual Color Center can be very handy. Choose a few colors you like, then click Explore and open Behr's ColorSmart system to "Coordinate" your color. In the "Preview" section of ColorSmart, you can apply the colors to walls, trim, and accessories to see how they might look in your room. Click here to have a look.


I would also look at Frog Tape or 3M Blue Tape w/Edge-Lock to help create straight lines. Many people do not want to take the time to tape, but the results will be worth the extra time and money. See the thread on tape by clicking here.


Members of the community will certainly have their favorite ideas to share, but these basics should help you and "Hubby" decide how to proceed.


Don't forget the extra coffee and your favorite music played very loud! Best Wishes!

Best Answer

Posted 2010-11-30T14:50:48+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Wow how cool was this response!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much we will follow your directions, down to the music and coffee!!!! Thanks so much we will start this weekend!!!!!!

Posted 2010-12-01T03:49:33+0000  by shanika1m1

You "Nailed It" PaintInPaint. Great Post. I'm a huge fan of Behr Ultra.

Posted 2010-12-01T14:51:50+0000  by hallawton

Awesome answer. Cost of labor is eye opening. I'm sticking with DIY too. The coverage demonstration was VG, and the color preview tool on Behr's site was easy to use. I'm definitely adding coffee and music to my paint tools! LOL


Posted 2010-12-03T14:27:00+0000  by ELV
WOW Shanika,

Since we spoke, Behr Marquee has been introduced ... with guaranteed one coat coverage in more than 500-colors.

Just when you thought it was as good as it gets, Behr elevates their market-beating product to a whole other level.

I tried it and it really does cover in one coat.

Give it a try!

Pat InPaint
Posted 2015-11-19T22:23:17+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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