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hole in wall...

hi, i have a hole in the wall that is about 2 and half feet wide, how would i fix it and about how much would the materials cost?


thank you in advance!

-m red bird

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Posted 2010-12-13T06:17:39+0000  by m_redbird m_redbird

Hi m_redbird and welcome to the community.


Product pricing varies from location and in order to receive accurate information you would need to refer  to our website and store finder option ,contact you nearest Home Depot and inquire about material that I’m going to recommend in this post.


In order to fix a hole that large you need to frame a support for the gypsum panel. Vertical studs are usually placed 16” on center or 24” on center and having said that your hole is 2 and half feet wide there should be some vertical studs already exposed. If there is a stud exposed enlarge the opening to the nearest stud on the left and to the nearest stud on the right side. Cut the drywall flush with an edge of the stud on the both sides and square out the opening, once completed you shouldn’t   have more than four studs exposed. With a square opening in place you next step is to frame a support for the new panel. To frame the opening you are going to need approximately two 2x4 studs and 1lb of 2-1/2 “construction screws. Measure out the height of the opening and cut your new 2x4 studs 2” longer, attach the new cut studs with a 2-1/2” screws vertically against the studs on the left and right side to serve as a support for the new drywall. Being that your new studs are 2” longer that the height of the opening place one side in first and divide  the height difference .If this is an exterior wall please repair or add  adequate  insulation  and repair  if present vapor barrier.


Drywall saw.jpgTaping knife

If your framing is 24” O.C and your measured thickness of the existing drywall total of the ½” I recommend adding an additional horizontal support. To add a horizontal support you need to place an additional 2x4 pieces in-between each vertical support and install them on the center of the cut horizontal line in such order that old and new drywall can be attached to it. Measure out the thickness of the existing drywall before purchase, in our stores we carry drywall available in different thickness and sizes so please make sure to have your measurements.



Attach the new drywall panel using appropriate drywall screws (for the ½ drywall 1-1/4 screws and for the 5/8 drywall 1-5/8 screws) and tape of the seams using a mesh or paper tape. Prior to taping fill in tapered edges of the new cut panel that are against non tapered edges of the old drywall. For this application I recommend using self adhering mesh tape and all purpose lightweight joint compound with dust control. Taping  and mudding   non tapered drywall joints can be difficult so in order to successfully blend in old and new drywall you need to mud joints  10-12” wide , to achieve this you need at least two different sizes of taping knifes. Please see attached pictures, list of the materials needed and how to link for more information.

Joint compound.jpegMesh tape.jpg









Materials needed:   

  • (2-4) 2x4 studs
  • (1) Drywall panel
  • (1 ) 1lb 2-1/2” construction screws
  • (1) 1lb 1-5/8 or 1-1/4 drywall screws
  • (1) Joint compound with dust control
  • (1) 75’ ultra thin drywall mesh
  • (1) New drywall primer
  • Insulation  (exterior wall) 

Tools needed:

  • Drywall saw
  • Electric or cordless drill
  • Philips bit driver
  • Hand saw or circular saw
  • Drywall square
  • Razor knife
  • 4” taping knife
  • 10”-12’ taping knife

Hope that helps and again welcome to the community!

Posted 2010-12-13T18:38:00+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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