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holes in floor

how to coverup holes where carpet has been removed
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Posted 2016-09-29T17:47:00+0000  by kia kia

Hello kia, and welcome to the community!

This depends on the size of the holes, if their small like nail holes then use wood putty, colored to match your floor, if the holes are larger than 1/8 inch, then see my suggestion below.

My suggestion, if the holes are less than one inch in diameter, is to use a dowel rod the same wood species, (i.e. oak, maple) and coat the wood dowel with wood glue and tap into the hole and let it dry overnight. You may have to flush cut the dowel if it sticks up above the surface, make sure before the glue dries that you have the wood grain going the same direction as the floor.

If you can't find the same size dowel, then you may have to improvise by drilling the hole a bit larger to the size of the dowel you did find at the store or lumberyard. Hope this works, please post pictures of your repair.


Posted 2016-09-29T18:39:10+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
Hello kia and welcome to the Community.

If you are referring to the holes around the perimeter of the room, left by the tact strip.  You can fill with wood filler or plastic wood.

Thank you for your inquiry.


Charlotte of the Home Depot Community.

Posted 2016-09-29T19:00:05+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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