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hot water heater

I have 2 hot water heaters for different floors of my building and they are both putting out really hot water and it takes forever to get cold water.  My toilet water is also hot.  I think it is a valve...but I cant find which cold valve is not open all the way.  Or could it be my hot water heaters?


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Posted 2011-04-20T12:03:16+0000  by bm bm

Hey Bm,


Welcome to our community! Your toilet is being filled with hot water? That is very odd. Do you have electric or gas hot water heaters? Your home should have a separate water line for cold water and a separate water line for hot. Your toilet should never use hot water. Where do you live? How old is the plumbing in the home and when was the last time it was inspected by a professional?


Here is a basic diagram I drew up on how a water heater works. The hot water out is you main line of hot water. You can follow the cold water in back to see where the cold water comes from.

water hweater.JPG



Here are the steps to controlling the temperature of the hot water. These steps are for an electric water heater. Gas water heaters have a simple knob that controls the flame.Let me know more. Hope this helps.-Gregg


Adjusting the Water Temperature


Adjusting the Water Temperature

Turn off the Electricity and Remove the Access Panel

1. Shut off power to an electric water heater by flipping the breaker at the service panel.

2. Pull back any insulation to expose the thermostat.

3. Use a screwdriver to change the thermostat temperature in 10-degree increments.

4. Close the panel, turn the power on and check the water temperature after one hour. Adjust again if necessary.


If you have a gas water heater, the temperature can easily be adjusted with the thermostat located on of the tank.

Posted 2011-04-20T15:53:24+0000  by gotogregg
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