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how can I change wood paneling

I have a 55 year old home that wood paneling was installed in 1970.  Besides pulling it all out, what suggestions are there to change it?

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Posted 2014-01-04T14:30:13+0000  by melwest melwest




As the paneling was not original to the house, the assumption is that you will find exuisting finished drywall or plaster underneath it. Again, given the age of the house, it will probably be in fairly good shape. However, you will have to deal with nail holes or mastic, or possibly both. Depending on the way the paneling was trimmed out, the trim might have to be adjusted for the new lesser thickness of the wall.


Patching nails holes is very simple. Possibly of more concern is if mastic was used to fasten the paneling. If on plaster, mastic can usually be scraped off and then the residue gotten off with solvents. If on drywall, it is usuall easier to cut around the mastic with a utility knife, cutting through the white outer paper of the drywall. Peal back the outer white paper. This leaves the pulpy brown paper underneath. This should be lightly sanded to remove the fuzziness, then primed with an oil based primer such as KILZ. Once sealed, it can be given a couple coats  of drywal mud, sanded and then primed with a water based primer, such as Kilz 2.


The assumption is that you want to return to normal painted walls. From this point, it is just like any paint job: clean, patch, sand, spot prime or prime and then paint.


Hope this has helped

Posted 2014-01-04T17:56:23+0000  by ordjen
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