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how do I apply marble like design onto wooden furniture?

Does anyone know what material is used (marble designed laminated Formica, granite or faux marble) and now to cut and apply onto furniture?  I don't want it to become so heavy I can't move my furniture. 
This is what I want to do with my dressers that have curved layered lip around edges.  See pic
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Posted 2018-05-06T17:41:32+0000  by laurabaker2004 laurabaker2004

Laminates (Formica is the name of a company that produces a few lines, Wilson Art is another) are glued in place using contact cement and trimmed using a router.

See this previous discussion:

Posted 2018-05-07T02:34:46+0000  by Paul

Hello laurabaker2004 and welcome to the Community.


It would be difficult to order a laminate top with curved layered lip around the edges.  You may try to paint it.  I have seen videos of people painting laminate countertops with acrylic epoxy paint.


Home depot carries several laminate countertop-refinishing paints that will produce a granite appearance.  To get a marble look it will require a bit of artistic touches, like adding squiggly lines for the veins of marble.  Pick up some laminate counter top samples at your local Home Depot to get ideas as to how you can add your artistic touches.


GIANI Granite produces the most highly reviewed painting kit online. No artistic skills are required. Each kit has everything you need to create a beautiful faux stone surface in one day.  Click HERE  for application videos.



RUST-OLEUM  is another.  What makes this kit different from the rest? Instead of using spreadable stone, cement, or paint, it uses decorative chips followed by an epoxy coating. The entire DIY process takes two days.



Click on the small box with an arrow in it, besides the product on Home Depot .com, to view a installation video. Here is an example of what it looks like.



 And also DAICH.  You can apply it to most types of surfaces including MDF, plywood, particle board, concrete, and tile.



These are a few alternatives.  Click on orange words for more details.


Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-05-08T17:32:18+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

I came across yet another product you might be interested in... another epoxy stone look coating suitable for countertops etc... they have quite a few instructional and informative videos available... Here's one showing the process:

StoneCoat DIY Epoxy Countertops

Posted 2018-05-09T01:24:41+0000  by Paul
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