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how do I change the light bulb on my hampton bay ceiling fan. It has a one piece globe

I need to change the light bulb in my Hampton Bay ceiling an. It has a one piece globe

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Posted 2011-02-24T20:54:46+0000  by phatman1 phatman1

Hello phatman1,


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When you say “one piece globe” I would say you have the style that all you have to do is find the set screws that are located above the globe that hold it in place and loosen them to release the globe and the light bulb will be right under it. There are usually 3 or 4 screws to loosen.  Then replace the bulbs and reverse the steps.  Tighten all of the screw evenly so the globe stays centered to the fan. Make sure not to over tighten since it can break the globe.:smileysad:


There is one other style that has a single glass cover over the bulbs. This style has the pull chains going thru the glass. On this style you have to take off any medallions that are on the end of the chains and then unscrew the bottom nut and that will release the glass. Make sure you hold onto the glass as you loosen the nut since that is what holds it onto the fan. Most of them only have the one screw that hold the glass on but I have had one fan that had a decorative nut and then another ¼” one that actually held the glass on.  Replace the bulbs and then put the glass back on the same way it came off. Make sure you feed both chains thru the glass before you put the nut back on.


Always make sure you verify the maximum watts that the light fixture will take so you don’t over load it.


I have included a picture of both styles so you can see exactly what I was referring to.

fan light globe.jpgfan light center.jpg           

   One piece globe with set screws.          Center nut that holds the glass on.



I hope this helps you get out of the dark.   


Let us know if you have any other questions. The Community is always here to help..

Posted 2011-02-24T23:31:47+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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