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how do I change washer on facet

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Posted 2013-11-13T15:49:33+0000  by wrf111548 wrf111548

Hi WRf111548,


You did not indicate what type of faucet you have a single handle or two handle.


Single handle faucets usually have a cartridge which is replaceable.


This cartridge controls the hot and cold water supply and is not repairable, it must be replaced.


Two handle faucets typically have two individual stems, one for hot one for cold that can be removed and often repaired.


The most common problem with these is the rubber washer installed on the bottom of the stem.


These are held on by a screw and can easily be replaced. If replacing the washer does not solve the problem, the entire stem can be replaced.


Take a picture of your faucet and visit your local Home Depot, the plumbing associates can assist you in determining what parts you will need.




Two Handle Faucet Stem and Seat                                    Single Handel Faucet Cartridge                                                   









Posted 2013-11-14T22:48:28+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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