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how do I estamate the amount of paint needed to paint my garage?

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Posted 2013-08-23T17:56:16+0000  by rschuhmann rschuhmann

Hello rschuhmann.  Welcome to the community!


Probably the easiest method to use would be an on-line paint calculator like this one.




This one is very simple to use and can create rough quantity estimates for both interior and exterior painting.


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Posted 2013-08-23T20:42:40+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI




Most paints give about 300-350 feet of coverge per gallon. However, garages are often given a "lick and a promise" by the builder's painters, if they have been painted a tall. If the garage was ainted with the dreaded "contractor's grade" paint, you might only get a couple hundred feet per gallon.


Depending on how good you want  the garage walls to look, you might want to consider either using a dedicated primer and then a finish coat, or, going twice around with one of the self-priming paints by Behr or Glidden. If you intend to use a paint with some sheen on it, you will definitely want to go twice around.


A flat sheen paint can look pretty good in only one coat over the builder's paint. I recently painted my 20X20x10 high garage using a total of 4 gallons of Behr Ultra Flat to cover the approximate 1000 sf of area. Even this ol' former painting contractor was surprised at how good it  looked when finished!


Behr Premium Plus Flat Enamel is also a very good value for such an area. It is self-priming and gets a "Best Buy' rating from one of the national rating services.


You might consider having the paint tinted to one of the off whites which greatly increase the hiding ability of the paint.  "Off white 1852"  is one that exhibits great  hiding ability, yet will still look nice and white on the walls.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-24T06:33:48+0000  by ordjen
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