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how do I install a glacier bay oval recessed medicine cabinet?

No instructions, seems like it would not open if it is flush against the wall

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Posted 2013-12-18T21:58:06+0000  by ebpanter ebpanter

Hello ebpanter!


Recessed medicine cabinets are hinged so the glass swings freely past the sheetrock.


In most rectangular cabinets this is not so difficult to see, but in the oval mirrored cabinet it does appear that the glass will strike the sheetrock.


However, the designers took this into consideration and placed the hinge near the edge of the glass.


In addition, they designed the cabinet to recess into the wall just far enough so the glass will not strike the wall.


If installed deeper than designed, you will encounter the problem you anticipated.



Recessed cabinets use screws inside the cabinet to attach to the studs inside the bathroom wall.


Select the exact location height and use a stud finder to locate the studs.


Mark and cut the wall and then test-fit the cabinet, opening the mirrored door to ensure it does not strike.


Once you confirm the mirror is clear of the wall, you have established the depth of your install.


Use a screw driver to anchor the cabinet and test the door again.



Many medicine cabinets are constructed with a flanged outer edge that will only allow you to recess the box to an operational depth.


However, if your cabinet is not built this way, simply use the mechanical test described above to ensure proper function.

Posted 2013-12-19T16:05:48+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Funny...I had the same issue ...this sounds good :)
Posted 2013-12-20T11:17:42+0000  by Peggy-P
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