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how do I install a kitchen exhaust fan?

I need help in installing a kitchen exhaust fan I have; I believe I will need a cabinet to bolt it to along with the round coiled vent....any advise?

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Posted 2013-06-13T17:12:17+0000  by rodriguezm rodriguezm

Hi rodriguezm,


It sound like you are trying to install a range hood as you mentioned a cabinet above it. It that correct?


There are several types of kitchen exhaust fans, some mount in the ceiling, others under a cabinet.


If a range hood is what you are installing, the typical style are mounted to a cabinet above the

cooktop or range in the kitchen.


Range hoods come ducted (with provision for a duct leading to the outside) and non-ducted, where the air is filtered and sent back into the room.


Normally the hood is sized to the range or cooktop; a 30 inch cooktop will use a 30 inch range hood, etc.


An electrical outlet in the cabinet above the range hood is required to power the fan and light.


I have included a link below showing a typical range hood.



Posted 2013-06-18T01:03:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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