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how do I install an interior door using old jamb

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Posted 2013-12-02T19:19:36+0000  by karlh karlh

Hi Karlh,


The simplest method is to remove the present door and then remove the hardware.


Place the doors side by side and mark the openings for the door knob and the cutouts for the hinges, as well as the door length.


Cut the door to length, and then place it in the opening to check the alignment of the hinge marks with the existing hinges on the jamb.


Remember to place a shim under the door to allow for clearance of the flooring and check for clearance at the top and sides.


Once the clearance looks OK, check to see if the hinge marks align with the hinges on the jamb, if so remove the door use a chisel to make the hinge cutouts, attach the hinges and double check the alignment.


Finally you will have to place a 1/8 inch bevel on the leading edge of the door to clear the jamb when it closes.


You can do this with a hand plane.


Use the old door as a guide.


Install your new door and enjoy the fruits of your labor.



Posted 2013-12-02T23:34:48+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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