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how do I make a pair of insulated curtains into roller shades?

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Posted 2013-04-24T17:18:09+0000  by mek mek

Hi there mek,


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Sounds like you've got a really interesting project on your hands = )


I've seen this done a couple of times, so I know there are a couple of ways to do this.


    1. The easiest way that I can imagine and that I have seen is to purchase an actual pre-made roller shade and cover it with new material. This is the way I'm most familiar with and you'd basically be gluing the new fabric to the existing vinyl material already on the shade. Afterwards, you'll finish off the side and bottom hems by either sewing them on machine or you can use a hem heat tape for a no-sew finish. 
    2. Strip the material from an older and new roller shade and staple your fabric directly to the roller itself. This may be the option you need to look into being that your fabric may be a bit bulky to adhere directly to the vinyl already on the shade.
    3. Purchase a clutch roller kit and attach your fabric directly to it. This is one that I know exists, but I don't know of any companies first hand that make the product, nor have I worked with them. I do know that a quick Google search will find them for you. You'd basically be cutting the fabric to size, hemming the bottom and sides, and attaching the material to the pre-made clutch shade.

With these, you're going into a very custom territory so it's difficult to give you a complete set of steps and guidelines because there are so many ways to do this. It isn't however a difficult project, so I'm sure you'll be able to tackle it with no problem!


Please be sure to post up pictures of the completed project when it's done though, we'd love to see it!~

Posted 2013-04-26T19:39:59+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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