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how do I make shiny paint job dull

I painted over some scuffs on my ceiling.  However, the new paint is much shinier than the existing flat paint job.  Now the new paint sticks out.  How do I dull the shiny areas without wasting all that work. 

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Posted 2013-06-16T07:44:15+0000  by direct_me direct_me




Unfortunately, there is no answer other than recoating with a more appropriate sheen of paint  :smileysad:

Posted 2013-06-16T14:19:18+0000  by ordjen

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I feel for you on this one:smileyfrustrated:   Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix for this kind of situation.


You will have to either go over all the spots again with flat paint or just repaint the whole ceiling.  I suggest painting the whole ceiling because sometimes if the paint is too shiny it may require two coats to properly cover.


Sorry...I wish there was a better way.

Posted 2013-06-16T14:19:23+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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