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how do I paint a headboard

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Posted 2013-08-10T04:57:22+0000  by mariemorel mariemorel

Hello Mariemorel!


Thank you for your question! There are a few ways you can paint your headboard.


If your headboard is made of metal or plastic, spraying painting it will be the most effective. You can spray paint a wooden one as well, but if it is wood, you have other options too.


You can brush on or roll on the paint if it is wooden. If you have an intricate designs in the wood, you will want to brush those areas first to ensure that the paint gets into the "valleys".


I would highly recommend using a primer before you paint your headboard. If your headboard has been stained or painted with oil based stain or paint previously you will want to use an oil based primer. If it is raw wood, or has been painted or stained with latex based paint or stain, use latex based primer.


As far as which kind of paint to use, you can use any brand of paint you prefer. Typically, people use a semi-gloss finish on furniture, but if you prefer something less shiny or more shiny, you can certainly do that.


If you have anymore questions, please let us know!


Christine :)

Posted 2013-08-12T14:51:50+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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