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how do I remove a Corian type backsplash that covered entire wall between upper and lower cabinets?

I have a Corian type backsplash that I would like to remove from behind the counter, so I can replace with a regular tile type backsplash.  It covers the entire wall between the counter top and the upper cabinets.  I assume it is glued on.  I would like to do it causing the least amount of damage to the wall.  I also have a piece on the side wall from the counter to the same height as the rest.  That piece (I have 2 areas like that) would not be covered with new backsplash so I would really like to avoid damage to those areas especially.  Does anyone have experience with anything like this?  I would appreciate any suggestions.  thanks

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Posted 2016-05-15T23:58:35+0000  by savvyshopper savvyshopper
Typically the backsplash is separate from the countertop itself and is just held in place with some silicone caulk.  About the only way to get it off the wall is to carefully cut any exposed caulk with a sharp utility knife and then work putty knives between the wall and backsplash.  One of the utility knives with a long, retractable blade can be helpful too but be careful not to break the blade.  It's pretty hard to get them off the wall without some damage
Posted 2016-05-16T09:03:40+0000  by Adam444

Hello savvyshopper and welcome to the Community.


Adam gave some good advice.  Another great tool for this type of project is a Flat Pry-Bar. 


They can be pushed or hammered under your Corian surface and then pried up.  If necessary you can use a block of wood at the pivot point to get more leverage while prying up the Corian surface.


It may be very difficult, if not impossible to remove the Corian without doing some damage.  Making these repairs should not be that difficult especially if you are going to be tiling over the surface again.  Even if you are not tiling over the wall.  It would be a matter of applying patching compound, sanding and repainting.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-05-17T14:23:41+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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