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how do I replace theballast in a fluorescent light fixture

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Posted 2011-01-30T16:44:11+0000  by fargoonie fargoonie

Hi, and welcome to the community.


   A lot of times the ballast may not be the source of the problem. Just in case; check to see if the bulbs are lighting correctly by changing out all with new bulbs. Don't mix a new one with old ones for this test. If they don't perform well then check the starters (they are the little cylinders per bulb) by replacing with a new or known working one.


SAFETY: cut off the power to this light source. Either with the light switch off or at the breaker.


   If the lights are still not operating significantly, then the ballast would be the source of the problem. It will be located behind the light cover (behind the  bulbs). Sometimes there are clips holding it into place, but most of the time it is a tab that has to be pressed down to release one side. Once the ballast is exposed - remove the wire harness and disconnect the wires. Make a diagram of what wire connect to what area so you can reconnect with the new ballast.

remove the screws that hold the ballast in place and take it to an Electrical Store or Home Improvement Center. This will ensure the proper size to replace with.

ballest remove.jpgballest.jpg 


   Reverse the process of removing the ballast, return power to the light and test. Keep in mind that replacing the whole light with a newer light is sometimes equal or less that replacing a ballast (depending on the size of the light.



Thank you and I hope you found this helpful.

Posted 2011-01-30T17:17:56+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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