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how do i build a desk in my closet?





i  want to know what I need toand how build just the desk at the bottom.

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Posted 2014-01-23T23:36:34+0000  by shawnamamaof2 shawnamamaof2

Hi Shawnamamaof2,


The desk in the picture is a very simple design, it is basically a typical closet shelf.


The shelf is constructed with three pieces of 1 x 4 lumber. The 1 x 4's are cut and placed on the wall secured to the studs with screws.


This wood could be pine or plywood, most closet shelf supports are made of pine.


These pieces are the support for the shelf, which rests on the 1 x 4's and is secured to them with screws or nails.


The size of the shelf is usually 18-20 inches deep in a 24 inch deep closet.


If the closet is 28 inches deep the shelf could be 20-22 inches deep.


The length depends upon your personal desire, it could be 36 inches or it could be the entire length of the closet.


If it is shorter than the full length of the closet a support will be need at the end to keep the top from sagging.


A shelf bracket like the one on the upper shelf in the picture or a simple table leg would work fine.


The desk top should be 28-29 inches high, which is good working height for a desk.


The top of the desk in the picture appears to be the full width of the closet, as most closet shelves are.


The top could be pine or plywood, its hard to find pine shelves 18 inch wide anymore so plywood would be your best bet.


Some people might suggest melamine shelving, however it is heavy and the vinyl finish does not make a good writing surface.


Round over the front edge with a router to relieve the sharp edge, a piece of molding along the back edge offers a nice finished look.


When you have the desk installed a good coat of paint will make a attractive and useful work space.





Posted 2014-01-24T00:43:14+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Mike's advice on how the shelf is constructed is dead-on. Based on the Macbook Pro in the picture, the board they used is probably a piece of 16" deep MDF shelf board with the leading edge rounded over into a bullnose. You can find them in your local Home Depot's lumber department.

The easiest way to finish it is with oil based paint. To make sure the wait paint doesn't swell the MDF, you can give it several coats of spray shellac. The paint department has Zinssers Bulls Eye clear shellac. Their spray shellac is dewaxed, making it a universal binder. In this case, it seals the edges so they won't absorb moisture and swell. It also allows the edges to look the same as the smooth top and bottom. The second part of being a universal binder is that it sticks. This acts as your primer.

Next, follow it up after the shellac is dry with some spray paint. You'll find Rust-Oleum spray paint in the same area as the shellac. Multiple light coats of paint and you will have a nice start to you closet desk.

When you use a spray paint like product, make sure your over spray lands on the area to be painted. So think of it as spraying forward.IMG_20140202_174328.jpg

Sorry for the quality, I'm using my phone to send this.

Posted 2014-02-02T22:44:17+0000  by Paul
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