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how do i clean up the paint brushes after using Behr DeckOver paint

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Posted 2013-06-23T20:42:28+0000  by acretser acretser




Behr Deck Over is basicaly a heavy bodied acrylic paint fortified with ceramic particles. Equipment clean-up is similar to other water-based acrylic paints - plenty of flushing of the bristles with water. Personally, I always begin with the brush in the downward position, rinsing the majority of the pigment away with warm water.  After the majority has been removed, turn the brush upside down and holding the bristles together with the hand, continue to flush water through the center of the brush until pigment no longer comes out. A little dishwashing liquid helps to disperse the pigment faster. Finish by shaking the water out of the bristles, then either lay the brush flat to dry, or hang it up. Do not let the bristles dry in a jambed up position. The bristles have a "memory" and may be permanently damaged in this manner. Also, save the sheath that the brush came in. It helps to assure that the bristles remain in the proper position during long term storage. Brushes tend to end up in a catch-all drawer where the bristles could be jambed ed up in a dry condition. this too can permanently damage the brush.


If the base of the bristles got a build up of dried paint, a brush comb can be of use in loosening it up. Likewise,  a 3M scrubby pad may be used to scrub the bristles in a parallel direction to the bristles.


When it comes to brushes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Never let the bristles get a really heavy build up of drying paint. Cover the brush with plastic if you are going to stop for more than a couple minutes. Stop often to wash out the brush. It only takes a minute to get fresh paint out of a brush. It takes a lot longer when it has gotten dried on.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-06-24T02:25:58+0000  by ordjen
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