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how do i fox the door frame that has a crack

the door panel or door frame is broken not the door it self the one that has a hole in it for the door to close into it. need to know how i can fix it, how do i replace that piece of wood or lumber?

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Posted 2013-09-25T02:32:25+0000  by Neaveh2013 Neaveh2013

Hi Neaveh2013,

The portion of the door you are referring to is the door jamb.


The jamb is installed in three sections the top, right and left sides. Each side can be replaced independently of the other.


Before replacing the entire side try cutting out the bad section and replacing it. You can buy door jamb at your Local Home Depot.


Cut the old jamb above 6 inches above and below the damaged section, remove the damaged section and nail in place the new piece.


Once you have replaced the bad section, you will have to drill a hole for the door latch and using a chisel notch the new wood for the strike plate.


Paint the new section and your done.




Posted 2013-09-26T22:04:17+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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