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how do i get an invoice for my recent purchase

I just got a Stove delivered.  Where do I find the invoice/receipt?

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Posted 2013-08-16T21:34:31+0000  by markc-s markc-s

Hi there markc-s,


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Congratulations on your recent purchase! Let's see if we can't help track down your receipt for you : )


Was this appliance ordered in one of our store locations? If so, then contact the store and let them know of your request. Any special orders or deliveries like your appliance should be, would still be cataloged in our computer systems. However only the store where the order originated from will have the data available to you.


If this was done online, you should have received an e-mailed receipt. If you did not, please let me know and I can let a member of our Customer Care team know and they can help assist you further.

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Posted 2013-08-22T14:41:36+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
Hello markc-s!

When paying with a credit card, you can always ask the Customer Service Associate at your local store to print a duplicate copy of the receipt.

Be prepare with your card in-hand when you return to the store.

The Customer Service desk is the right place to start for almost all questions concerning transactions.

They are trained and prepared to assist you.
Posted 2014-12-04T15:17:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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