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how do i get rid of sticky burrs in me grass

how do i get rid of sticky burrs in me grass
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Posted 2015-04-28T01:13:22+0000  by non non
Hi non,

Burr weed, or spurweed (Soliva sessilis) is a lawn weed that produces a spiny seed pod that can be painful when you step on it with bare feet. It is a cool season annual weed that propagates from seed that are produced in the spring and early summer. The seeds will germinate in the fall and the plant will slowly grow in the winter and flower and set seed in the spring. After casting their seeds, the plant will die in the summer heat.

They grow well in poor soil conditions, such as heavy clay soil. Early control is possible with 2,4-D based herbicides, such as Weed-B-Gon. Spray the immature plants to kill them, but mature burr weed is resistant to herbicides.

Germination of the burr weed occurs in the fall, so prevent the seed from starting with pre-emergent herbicide. Weed Stop, Lesco 0-0-7 and Preen are examples of this pre-emergent.


Preen Organic is an organic version of pre-emergent that utilizes corn gluten to prevent weeds.

These products will help to prevent weed seeds from germinating for several months. Apply it in early fall to prevent burr weed germination. Read all label instructions and keep in mind that these products will inhibit grass seed germination, so if you need to plant new grass seed, you should not use these products in those areas.

Since poor soil conditions help burr weed to grow, improving your soil could help diminish the weed. Your lawn will benefit from the addition of organic compost to the soil. The lawn will thrive, and a vigorous lawn will help keep the spurweed and other weeds from developing.

One source recommends using an old wool blanket to remove the burrs from the lawn. Drag the blanket over the yard to collect the spiny burrs.

Good luck with your weed problem. Thank you for asking, and welcome to The Community!!!

Posted 2015-04-28T14:50:40+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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