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how do i install a stackable washer in dryer in my apartment?

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Posted 2013-08-05T19:05:43+0000  by jquett jquett

Hi Jquett,


The biggest issue will be space, apartments are not designed for washers and dryers and you will need space near the kitchen sink for the washer to sit and connections for the water supply and drain.


In addition, the dryer will require either a 240 electrical outlet for an electric dryer, or a gas line connection for a gas dryer.


Neither of which are present now in your apartment. Plus you will need to have an exhaust duct outlet for the dryer as well.


The bottom line is the apartment management will not allow you to install these items do to the cost and the fact that the installation will not meet the building code.


You can buy a portable washer/dryer combo unit which attaches to the kitchen sink, however most apartments have rather small kitchens and using and storing it will be a problem.


These portable units are of a very small capacity and will require multiple loads to complete all of your laundry.


You also will need permission from your apartment building management to install and use such a unit.



Posted 2013-08-06T00:01:38+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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