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how do i install rumblestone paved walkway

How much more do I have to write???   I want to install rumblestone walkway,  how do I start???

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Posted 2013-06-17T11:20:01+0000  by mickeymouse4 mickeymouse4

Howdy MickeyMouse4,


Putting in Rumblestone is fairly simple with the right tools and a plan.





What you’ll need:




  • Rumblestone Pavers (always have more than you need)
  • Paver base (the gravel base under the pavers)
  • Paver sand (goes in between close fitting pavers)
  • Tape measure (useful always)
  • Shovel (always buy the best you can afford)
  • Safety gloves (a must have to avoid blisters and splinters)
  • Tamper (if you have a large area The Home Depot rents large tampers)
  • Level (if your  doing a flat area)
  • 2x4's
  • Mallet
  • Push broom  or garden hose
  • Paver edging (for walkways)
  • Patience






Measure the space you want to pave. Remember, length times the width is your total square footage. The square footage determines how many pavers you’ll need.





Step 1. Excavation and Base Installation




Excavate unsuitable, unstable or unconsolidated subgrade material and compact the area which has been cleared. Backfill and level with dense graded aggregate suitable for base material (typically four (4) to six (6) inches of compacted base for light vehicular and pedestrian traffic) or as otherwise directed by Site Engineer/Architect/Landscape Architect. Edge restraints may be installed prior to or after the installation of the paving field. Concrete or plastic edging may be used. Note: Install base aggregate in maximum three (3) inch lifts.


Step 2. Sand Bed Preparation




Place bedding of coarse washed sand conforming to the grading requirements of ASTM C-33 to a maximum uniform depth of 1″ – 1½” (25-38mm) screened to the grade and profile required.


Step 3. Laying Stones




Install pavers with joints of maximum 116“  (3mm). Make sure to have meared plans to get spacings before laying out your stones.



Step 4. Cutting Stones




Where required, cut pavers with an approved cutting device to fit accurately, neatly and without damaged edges.



Step 5. Compaction




Tamp pavers with a plate compactor, uniformly level, true to grade and free of movement. Do not over compact.




Step 6. Spread Sand




Spread sand with push broom to 18” thickness over entire paving area. Allow sand to dry completely.


Step 7. Compaction




Make one more pass with plate compactor to fill joints with sand.



To make this easier here is a Pavestone video with more step by step ideas.


Happy Paving,

Posted 2013-06-17T20:19:43+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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