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how do i paint Flat paint over a semi-gloss? Can i buy flat primer and tint it?

I painted by mistake a living room and bedroom wall with semi-gloss and came out really bad (too shiny, badly painted).... I want to repaint with a flat finish of the same color in the living room and a different color with a flat finish in the bedroom. Can I just buy the flat primer and tint it with the desired color? Do I need a flat primer + a flat gallon of the actual paint color? ....  I am sorry .. I am total noob...

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Posted 2013-10-10T21:58:33+0000  by alainrodz alainrodz

Hi alinrodz,


You will have to let the simigloss dry thoroughly and then either sand it or use a deglosser to remove the sheen.


Once you have done that you may repaint with a flat paint. A primer will not be needed.



Posted 2013-10-10T22:24:34+0000  by Mike_HD_OC





Given my choice, I would choose a premium primer, such as Zinsser's 1-2-3, or Glidden's Gripper, have it tinted toward the finish color, and then prime the whole area.  I would then follow with a finish coat of premium paint. Dedicated acrylic primers have superior gripping ability on slick surfaces. Be advised though, that their maximum adhesion occurrs after a few days, not just as soon as it feels dry.


Were I  going over a glossy oil paint, I would go the sanding route or de-glossing. Oil paints are much harder and slicker than acrylic paints. Acrylic paints don't sand well. They tend to immediately clog the sandpaper, especially the higher sheens. TSP will also act as a de-glosser on oil paint.


Hope this hasn't confused the matter.

Posted 2013-10-11T00:51:40+0000  by ordjen
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