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how do i replace a broken chain for a hampton bay ceiling fan

how do i replace a broken chain for a hampton bay ceiling fan?

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Posted 2010-11-05T02:37:22+0000  by dennis dennis

Good morning Dennis, I'm Ray the Hammer, and this is a simple fix and happens more often than you would think. I assume that you mean that the chain has come out of the fan, and not just broken in half, so I'll procede accordingly. All you need to do is turn off the breaker to the fan, remove the cover and replace the switch. Those pull chain switches are pretty much the same across the board, so you shouldn't have any problem locating one at your local Home Depot. The switch attaches to the fan with one or two screws, and the wires just push in. Don't remove the wires from the old switch until you get the new one, and simply put them back the same way on the new one.

I've done a lot of handy man stuff at several bars and restaurants in the Decatur, Ga. area (sometimes I'll get a free lunch) and can tell you that once you see the works and the switch, you'll see just how simple it is.

Good luck, I hope this helps you out. Let me know how it goes.

Posted 2010-11-05T12:34:08+0000  by TheHammer

Hello dennis,

   Yes the hammer has it right this is a fairly simple job. I just wanted to add something that might save you an additional trip to the Depot. You'll need to know if it was the light switch or the fan speed control switch and how many wires are coming out of it in order to get the correct replacement switch. Here is a couple of different types of light switches. The first one is a 2-wire and the second one is a 3-wire.

2 wire light switch.jpg3 wire fan light switch.jpg

Here is a sample of a 3-wire speed control switch.

duel cap 3speed fan switch.jpg

Make sure that the power is off prior to you opening the fan up. Make sure you follow thehammers instructions on matching up the old wires to the new ones to insure that it's wired correctly. I hope this helped you with getting the correct switch. Good luck. 


Posted 2010-11-05T21:51:38+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

I have committed what seems to be the unpardonable sin...I took off the old broken switch on my Hampton Bay ceiling fan without writing down the color wire that was attached to each location on the switch. Unfortunately the wires sort of fell off as I was removing the old switch so I don't know how they were connected. Now I can't hook up the new switch I bought (a Westinghouse 3-speed fan switch, #77021. It says 4 wire unit on the package). There are 3 wires to connect. They seem to be colored brown, grey (could be white), and purple (could be bluish). I've read that the black wire should connect to the L postion on the switch...but which is the black wire?? I have no clue where the other wires go. I would greatly appreciate any helpful hints.

Posted 2011-08-13T21:31:01+0000  by jberghome

Hey jberghome,


Unfortunately, I can't really discern which wire would work as the L position without actually looking at the ceiling fan's switch. Some switches vary I have seen from model to model, and of course brand to brand.  I always tell my customers that you can make a quick note or sketch the wires in question, even snapping a picture to have a reference guide afterwards.


The best and possibly only option I could think of is to work would be to try as best as you can to remember how and where the connections were done before. Even though snapping in the wires gets them firmly installed in the switch, they can be removed with a pair of needlenose pliers and a paper clip to wedge them out. You can try the combinations to get the right one for you.


Also, by obtaining a part number of the fan on top of the motor housing, you can be able to find out what particular model it is and we can go from there with finding out just what exact kind of switch you have.


Hope this helps,


Posted 2011-08-29T19:08:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Your message was so helpful! The chain feeds through a hole in the light kit. When we removed it, there was no switch. It apears we need to continue to go further in the fan which would be above the fan blades into the motor section. Do we take off the blades to get into the motor?

Posted 2011-10-25T03:51:41+0000  by lisajesse

Hello lisajesse,


Welcome to the community!


Before we can ascertain a solution for you, would you be able to give us a model or part number to the fan? To find the model number of your fan, it is typically written on top of the motor housing shown in the picture below. If it is a flush mounted fan, you would need to access the inside to read it.


Possibly even a picture of the location of the fans chain would be of help too.


Since you are saying the chain or lead wires go into the motor housing, it may be connected to a ceiling fan receiver remote on top of the fan. Most ceiling fan motors nowadays, wherever you purchased them from, are sealed and pretty much inaccessible to get into without damaging it. However, refer to the fan identification picture below and let us know what your ceiling fan is, and we can make an accurate diagnosis for it!


fan identification.JPG


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-10-26T14:39:25+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I am also trying to replace the fan switch on my Hampton Bay model E74226. The old switch has an outer layer and an inner layer. I wrote down the wire colors, the position number and the layer, inner or outer. The new switch, Westinghouse 3-speed fan switch, does not have the inner / outer layer, but just 4 connectors that are numbered 1-2-3 and L. How do I translate the old switch connections to the new ones? I can post here the old connections if that will help. For example, the old switch, position 2, outer layer blue wire to a wire nut. Position 2, inner layer, yellow to capacitor. Do I connect these two wires together and insert them into position 2 of the new switch?

Posted 2013-04-04T19:40:52+0000  by anschwartz

I just replaced my Hampton Bay ceiling fan switch with a Westinghouse 77020 switch found at Home Depot.  It worked perfectly.  Do not use 77021 switch.  It will not work.  Write down what colors are attached to what number on the original switch.  Mine was Black-L, Purple-1, Grey-2, Brown-3.  Do not cut the wires from the old switch.  They are soldered at the end and come out using a small flathead screwdriver.

Posted 2013-06-05T13:37:57+0000  by chas521
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