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how do you attach the hampton bay moulding to the hampton bay cabinets? It's not real wood.

the hampton bay cognac crown moulding is a composite, it's not real wood.  my installer ruined 2 pieces trying to

attach it to the strips he attached to the top of our new cabinets, finishing nails don't work, ended up having

to take down all the strips of wood he attached to nail moulding into and just not have moulding.  Lost 2

pieces of moulding & it's about a $70.00 loss. 

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Posted 2013-04-28T12:17:34+0000  by ratfink ratfink

I am so sorry for the frustration you are experiencing.:smileysad:


I like to use a product called POWER GRAB by loctite.  It has the consistency of cake frosting and will hold the piece in place without sagging as it dries.  Once dry - the trim piece will stay attached for ever (just like if it were nailed.  I have done whole rooms with new trim and not used one nail.  It's awesome!


Loctite 9 fl. oz. Clear Power Grab Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

Posted 2013-04-28T19:00:56+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

thanks so much, we'll give it a try!

Posted 2013-04-29T22:48:21+0000  by ratfink
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