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how do you clean refrigerator coils?

I've never cleaned refrigerator coils before. How do I start? I want to make sure I don't disconnect any water lines :)

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Posted 2014-01-12T14:07:35+0000  by jennlcarter jennlcarter

Hello jennlcarter and thank you for joining The Community.  We are glad that you are here.


Cleaning the condenser coils will help the refrigerator operate more efficiently.  You should plan to clean the coils once or twice a year; clean more often if you have pets or the refrigerator is located in a dusty area.  Always unplug the refrigerator BEFORE cleaning to avoid a risk of electrical shock. 


If you are able move the refrigerator, take note of the water line and do not move the refrigerator beyond that point.  Protect the flooring surface and get a helper if the refrigerator does not budge.  


Condenser coils are located either under the refrigerator (behind the base grille), on the back of the refrigerator, or on the top of the refrigerator. 


  • For condenser coils located on the bottom of the refrigerator:  (1) remove the base grille,(2) use the brush to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other particulates, (3) replace the base grille. 
  • For condenser coils located on the back of the refrigerator:  (1) use the brush to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other particulates and (2) wipe up any excess from the floor. 
  • Check out the GE instruction sheet for cleaning condenser coils located on top of the refrigerator. 


After cleaning the coils, make time to clean the floor underneath, taking care that you do not scratch or mar the flooring surface.  Push the refrigerator back into position; be sure you do not roll over cords or wiring or cramp tubing.  Plug the refrigerator back into the wall receptacle.


Best wishes and happy cleaning.  

Posted 2014-01-14T18:16:57+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
Try using the vaccuum with the brissil end attachment !?
Posted 2014-01-16T05:08:18+0000  by frydad

Hello frydad and welcome to The Community!


frig brushes.jpg

I actually use the GE Universal Appliance Brushes, which is a 2-pack set of cleaning brushes.  The long thinner one is great for hard to reach spaces (under my refrigerator) and the larger one works well (in my dryer vent).  These brushes work well on air conditioners, freezers, dryers, in vents and other hard to reach places.  Always remove the power source from any appliance before cleaning for your safety. 


Years ago, I did try the brush attachment from the vacuum cleaner (as well as a few other attachments).  I found that I had “gunk” that built up on the attachment (the result of not cleaning more often!).  My attachment hoses were not very flexible so it was limited in where I could use it.  The brushes I now use are flexible, can maneuver into hard-to-reach spaces and are easy to clean with a soap and water solution.


As a bonus, I have found that when I have one tool that can clean multiple areas, I tend to clean all of the spaces at that time!


Best wishes on your project.

Posted 2014-01-17T14:49:58+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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