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how do you get rid of a chalk board wall?

need to know if I just need to use primier paint to cover over the chalk board wall?? if yes how manby coats?


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Posted 2013-04-18T14:09:25+0000  by Gailie Gailie

Hello Gailie!


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Chalkboard paint is commonly layered ... sometimes as much as three layers.


On your walls, these layers will be slightly raised above the surrounding wall, so unless the entire wall is chalkboard (ceiling to floor and corner to corner) you'll have to raise the surface of the surrounding wall or lower the surface of the chalkboard to prevent the raised area from showing through you next coat of paint.


If this were my task, I'd use several layers of primer, tinted similar to my new color, to help level the two surfaces.


Then, I'd sand the visible transition using 220-grit sandpaper and shine a light down the wall to see when the surface is smooth.


Once smooth to your satisfaction, use the paint of your choice to topcoat.

Posted 2013-04-18T14:59:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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