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how do you paint laminated dresser?

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Posted 2013-10-04T13:25:33+0000  by ARG07 ARG07





The secret to good results in painting laminate is use of a suitable primer.  In my experience, the best primer is Zinsser's BIN. This is an shellac based white pigmented primer. Its solvent is denatured alcohol. If you prefer a water based primer, Zinser's 1-2-3 is also excellent.


If the surfaces are primarily flat, the use of small foam trim rollers work well. Of course, it can also be brushed,  or sprayed, if you have the proper equipment.


Naturally, the usual prep work is involved. The surface should be cleaned of oils and dirt. A scuff sanding with fine 229 grit sandpaper will help dull the surface and provide additional "grip" for the primer.


Your finish coat can be either water or oil based. If you choose oil, the BIN primer would be the better choice.


Oil dries to a harder finish than latex / acrylic paints.


There is another alternative. RustOleum's 2X's spraycans will bond directly to plastic and laminates, even without a dedicated primer. These are fast dry oil paints which can provide a hard, durable, brush free finish.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-10-05T17:02:31+0000  by ordjen
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