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how do you remove extra grout from walls after it hardens

I put up a glass wall tile up and made a mistake and put my light switches up back on now the area above and below the switches have a little grout in there its like my tiles then grout then the switches is there something I can do to get the grout ou and is there anything I can buy to cut glass tile with to put in the area once I get the grout out looks very tacky in that areas also in the area around the design that I put up this is my first time doing anything to my house and thought this would be something easy for me to do. Any suggestions or am I just stuck with it everything looks nice except those two places...

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Posted 2013-04-29T19:09:24+0000  by micaela84 micaela84

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Sorry to hear about the grout mishap, but it's a completely fixable job = ) I am a bit confused on your particular scenario, I'm having trouble following and envisioning exactly where this happened and to what degree. Would you be so kind as to supply a photo of the area so that we can can see just how much needs to be removed/replaced?


If we're just talking small, tiny dried pieces, then Cheese Cloth actually works great along with a bit of elbow grease. If there is a larger chunks then a fresh razor scraper can help pry them off as well and you can polish down the area with the cheese cloth afterwards.


Like I said though, I can't give you a truly solid answer until I can really see the area we're discussing, so please reply back with a bit more detail or some photos of the area please = )



Posted 2013-04-30T16:32:01+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

i just re grouted shower tiles and ther seems to be alot more grout inbetween tiles than before. its not smooth. ive been scrubbing with cheese cloth but its not enough

Posted 2014-01-31T22:03:22+0000  by corinna
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