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how do you remove wall tile from kitchen

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Posted 2013-10-30T16:08:30+0000  by dancing4uuu dancing4uuu

Good afternoon dancing4uuu,


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Taking wall tile off your kitchen wall can be done, but most likely you'd be taking your wall with it. As long as you know this, its better now and in the long run to remove everything.


I say this, because typically almost all tiles are permanently adhered to drywall/tile backerboard and can't be separated without damaing it. So essentially, you'll be considering this as a full-on demolition job.


To start out, make sure all electrical switches and receptacles on the wall you want to remove are turned off at the breaker panel. Remove any plate covers and you can use a chisel there or in the middle of a tile to pry off the tiles.


Using a chisel with hammer will be your best bet. A pry bar works very well for getting the tiles up as effectively as possible.

Once you remove the tiles, you can then use a sledgehammer or the same hammer to remove any remaining portions of the wall. Essentially, you'll be getting down to the studs.


Let me know if you have any specfic questions or further information on removing tiles from your kitchen wall.




Posted 2013-10-30T18:03:12+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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