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Building Materials

how do you stop water leak between house and awing

any help will be welcome

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Posted 2013-08-27T15:04:50+0000  by psooner37 psooner37

Hello psooner37!


In most cases, flashing (an L-shaped piece of galvanized metal) is installed under the siding and hangs over the awning ... ensuring that water is re-directed away from the building and onto the awning.


Using a small pry bar, loosen the first row of siding above the awning.


Apply a bead of exterior silicone rubber caulk or exterior construction adhesive to the upturned front side of the flashing.


Insert the upturned edge of the flashing under the siding and re-attach the siding.


The caulk or construction adhesive will help secure the flashing and the outward extended leg of the L-shaped flashing will prevent water from traveling between the siding and awning.


Ask your Building Materials Associate for assistance selecting the proper flashing for your project.



The exposed edge of flashing is often very sharp.


Wear protective work gloves when handling flashing.



Posted 2013-08-27T16:30:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

thank you for the info that is what i though to will be up soon to get supplys

Posted 2013-09-02T13:13:17+0000  by psooner37
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