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how do you strip a stained steel door?

My wood look steel front door is fading fast. How do I strip it and restain or repaint it ?

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Posted 2013-05-26T13:04:53+0000  by ljsquare ljsquare

If you're going to just paint it, then you don't need to strip it assuming the existing paint isn't peeling.  Clean it well and give it a light sanding.  If there's a lot of texture to the faux finish, you may need to sand more to even things out so the "grain" doesn't telegraph through the new paint.

Posted 2013-05-26T14:06:53+0000  by Adam444

Hello ljsquare!


I have seen steel doors coated with interior stains that tend to fade severely because they don't contain ultraviolet light (UV) inhibitors.


Not only do they fade, but they severely flake ... typically starting at any exposed edge.


If this is the condition of your door, I suspect you may have an interior product on your door and the best practice would be remove it completely and start again.


A power sander with 400-grit sandpaper will take a while, but should not damage the door surface.


You might also remove the door and use stripping agents designed for metal ... but for most DIYers these products can be dangerous and cause severe skin burns. If you choose this approach, be certain to use an after-wash that neutralizes the chemicals before restoring the finish.



The only exterior-rated stains in our line are the Gel Stains from MinWax.


Use an inexpensive natural bristle brush, apply a dab and then "stretch" the product over the surface to create faux wood grain. This oil-based stain is designed for metal, fiberglass, and other materials which do not contain pores (but may also be applied to wood).


Use and exterior-rated polyurethane like Spar Urethane from MinWax after you attain the appearance your desire.

Posted 2013-05-28T14:16:58+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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