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how far apart can i place posts with 4x6 beam for porch roof

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Posted 2013-12-15T17:10:45+0000  by Hank47 Hank47

Hey Hank47.


There are a lot of factors involved with the spacing of these posts.


The load on the roof plays a role in the spacing of these posts as well as the support beam above it. Architects and engineers collaborate on these factors when designing such a thing.


Are there existing posts there now or is it a project to be built?


Can you give us more details on the structure? What all is this roof supporting above it?


Is the 4x6 the beam or the posts supporting the beam?


If the 4x6 is the beam above and there is not much weight above it then it wont really sag but even then I would recommend not spanning more then 10 ft and might recommend 8 ft. A structural engineer would certainly be more qualified to answer that question, as there are building codes involved.

Posted 2013-12-15T18:00:01+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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