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how far should I put molding on the wall to make the ceiling look bigger?

I want to put molding on the wall, near the ceiling to make the ceiling look larger and make it easier to paint.  How far down should I put the molding?

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Posted 2013-12-03T18:29:24+0000  by peggbob peggbob

Hello peggbob!


Wall trim can be placed anywhere, but traditionally it is found at the transition point between the floor and the wall (shoe), at the height that chairs commonly touch the wall (chair rail = approx. 30-inches above floor), and at the transition between the ceiling and the wall (crown).


In each of these applications, the trim hides transition gaps, prevents damage to the wall, or increases visual appeal.


Crown is also commonly seen as double-crown ... creating a larger than life impression.


In your circumstance, I would recommend double-crown ... first piece applied at the top of the wall with a small gap and a second piece slightly below the first.


Both pieces and the gap between may be painted as trim, creating a taller, more elegant appearance.



Trim that is bright white and glossy tends to reflect more light and create a larger feeling in your space.



Use a contrasting off-white or mid-tone on your walls ... not a deep color.


These lighter colors reflect light and make the room feel larger.


Dark colors will make the room feel smaller.

Posted 2013-12-03T19:55:22+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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