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how many brackets are needed for 12' l " x15" wood shelvs

metal l brackets
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Posted 2016-07-07T16:04:07+0000  by georgedo georgedo
Hi georgedo,

Brackets and spacing depend upon the shelving material and the weight to be supported. Particle board will require closer spacing then plywood for example.

For normal loads, with plywood or one inch thick solid lumber, 24 inch spacing of the shelf brackets will suffice. If you are using particleboard I would cut that back to 16 inches, this is a good spacing as the wall studs are 16 inches on center and the brackets can be secured to the studs.

Be sure to use good quality wall anchors in areas where a stud is not available, the last thing you want is the brackets to pull away from the wall and the shelves fall.

Posted 2016-07-07T17:12:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello georgedo and welcome to the Community.


When mounted into studs the range on weight brackets can support will range from 100 to 600 pounds work load for example the heavy duty Everbilt bracket. These are usually L-shaped and screw into both the shelf and the wall. You still must distribute the weight evenly for the best holding power.  How many you will need will depend on what weight you plan on putting on them and which bracket you plan on using. Home Depot carries a variety of shelf brackets.

You can find their work load limits by clicking on the photo of the product you are interested in and then clicking on the specification tab below the photo of the product.


In addition to the brackets, if you are installing in a closed space, wall to wall you can install a piece of wood (small 1 by or trim moulding, at each end, under the shelves for it to rest on.  This will help support that 15” depth.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-07-07T18:02:16+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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