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how to apply dry erase board paint

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Posted 2013-11-26T19:55:49+0000  by patreid patreid

Hello patreid.  Welcome to the Community!


Here is a link to the Application Instructions from Rust-Oleum.




Here is a link to the complete product label.


In my experience, it is the preparation that is key to making this work well.

A sanding sponge is very handy to degloss the surface you will be painting, and a final wash down to get any sanding dust off allows the paint to adhere very well.

As a 2 part epoxy, you have about an hour to finish painting it on after mixing.

I honestly expected this product to have a strong smell, but it doesn't.

Oh, and don't forget about the 2 day minimum cure time before you draw on the surface!

I think that you will be happy with the results.  I am.


Here is the product link on


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Posted 2013-11-26T21:16:22+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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