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how to apply popcorn

i am thinking on texturizing my walls. how do apply....brush...roller or sprayer?

thank you!

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Posted 2011-10-24T04:37:42+0000  by melfi03 melfi03


Welcome to our community Melfi03! 


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at The Home Depot in Atlanta. 


Since you are going to apply the popcorn texture to the wall, you should use a texturizer roller, also known as a loop roller, to apply it. Here is what it looks like: 


 Texturizer roller

I would recommend using the Behr Popcorn Texture paint. It comes in a 2- gallon bucket and covers to up 100 square feet.  



Behr Popcorn Texture Paint


We sell many different kinds of popcorn texture, but I would suggest against using them for you wall. We carry a powder that needs to run through a hopper that is meant for ceiling application. We also have some that come in an aerosol can that only has an upward spray. Both of these would leave quite a mess of you attempt to spray them on a wall. :smileysurprised:


I hope this helped you out. Let us know if you need any more assistance.


Christine :smileyhappy:






Posted 2011-10-24T12:50:31+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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