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how to build a platform bed frame

 I have been looking into king sized platform bed frames and they are very pricey so I have been wondering if it would be cheaper to build one, but I need a little help with the HOW TO part.

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Posted 2010-10-29T08:02:41+0000  by mskey mskey

New to the forum but not DIY

After reading this thread, I see a lot of seemingly complex designs for what I consider a very easy problem. Back in the "old" days a king size water bed would have a base made out of 3/4" particle Board on edge that would basically be a cross shape inside a rectangle. 7/16 "wafer board" would be laid on top - either two or three pieces, running lengthwise across the rectangle. On top of that would be a another rectangle made of 2x6 that would sit on the edge of the particle board and be secured with angle brackets. The mattress would go inside the 2x6 rectangle, on top of the 7/16 "wafer board" and be filled. These were very solid and very heavy. This weekend I plan to build something similar using 2x4 rectangle, with a center rail going the long way and two rails on each side between the outside rail and the center rail on both sides. I will then use 7/16 "oriented strand board" in three 2'x76" sections (or thereabouts), secure them to the 2x4 and put the mattress on top. Simple, easy to assemble and hopefully less than $100.


Just my $0.02


Posted 2013-03-28T20:53:20+0000  by Mickey_TX

Here's my question.


How do I know if the Platform being built is going to be strong enough. Like if the whole family hops in bed for movie night?Is there a weight capacity?

Posted 2013-04-08T23:37:43+0000  by Hismom

After days of searching for the perfect platform bed frame...this is it!!!  Is it possible to provide more detailed information for a queen size frame???  Cut list, how to's, etc...  Getting ready to start next week.  Your help would be sooo appreciated!

Posted 2013-05-08T13:52:05+0000  by GertieGal


I was looking at buying a king size platform bed with drawers underneath and found that like the other person said above, they are a bit pricey. So I was wondering how I would make a king size platform bed with drawers underneath and the materials needed. PLEASE HELP!!


Posted 2013-05-09T16:37:33+0000  by diy1234

Hi there,


I've been looking for the best possible way to build a platform/low loft bed for a full mattress in a bedroom that's not very wide or long. Ideally, it would look something like this  but I would be incorporating a separate dresser unit rather than built in drawers, and definitely want to do steps vs. a ladder to bring the bed roughly 3 feet off the ground. The only problem is, I am not at ALL experienced in this area but don't want to spend thousands of dollars! Any tips/advice/resources you have to get me started would be greatly appreciated. My brother and I may try to DIY. 

Posted 2013-05-20T19:55:48+0000  by tmelmoore
I have a head board andfoot board and the rails hook into them and slats that go across the bed for thr boxspring and mattress but not stong enough . The slats constantly fall i want to have a flat platform inside my frame what kind of wood should i use to fit doen inside the frame . A snug fit the frame sits up high
Posted 2013-09-30T15:49:51+0000  by yolanda819
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