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how to build a platform bed frame

 I have been looking into king sized platform bed frames and they are very pricey so I have been wondering if it would be cheaper to build one, but I need a little help with the HOW TO part.

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Posted 2010-10-29T08:02:41+0000  by mskey mskey

Hey there franky55909,


Good question! You're looking at a Full size mattress, correct? We did have another user inquire about using this design for their own Full, and what I recommended was changing the base dimensions to around 46" x 65". Now that is not a set in stone size that you must use, but I would keep it right around there if possible.


Your top tier should be right around the same size as your mattress, save for an inch or two on each side depending on how you would like to enclose it.


Hope that helps!~ Let me know if you have any more questions on it, or anything else we can help you with = )

Posted 2011-08-25T13:51:33+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Here is an idea for a platform bed (twin size), but the concept can easily be expanded for a queen or king sized mattress. The top mattress portion of the bed locks the two base portions together by sitting in the notches shown. This makes the whole thing much easier to move.

Platform Bed.jpg

Posted 2011-09-03T15:46:28+0000  by Paul

Oh wow! That's a pretty detailed drawing Paul!~ Pray tell, what program do you use for these layouts that you do? I've seen a few of them on the board before and they look quite advanced to be done in MS Paint = )


Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the community though. Hopefully along with the rest of the feedback given in this topic, we've created the go-to-place for platform beds now!


Thanks again!~

Posted 2011-09-08T13:41:02+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I do my drawings using Google Sketchup. You can download it by clicking here. In another post, I gave some links to other sites that are useful, offering help and tutorials (especially for woodworking) to get you started...


You can also browse around the Google 3D Warehouse. That should give you an idea of what is possible.


The free version is all most anyone needs to do just about anything with Google Sketchup. If you want to design SU's Dynamic Components, you'll need SU Pro. Again, the free version is more than adequate for 99% of the population.


Let's say you wanted to remodel your kitchen. You can use SU to visualize the layout of the new space. In your visualization, you may want to include cabinets and appliances. Kraftmaid, Kohler, Kitchenaid to name a few have company provided models loaded in the 3D Warehouse that anyone can download. To take it a step further, once you have the new kitchen designed, you can do a "walk-through" to see just how you might work in your new kitchen. After getting everything just right, you can then export the SU file to a rendering engine and produce photorealistic pictures of your new kitchen. All of this using free software from Google and other sources.


Here's the link to my spot in the 3D Warehouse.


If you have questions about using Sketchup, just ask. If I can't answer something, I know those who can and can help you track down the answer.

Posted 2011-09-09T02:19:27+0000  by Paul

Great Find! Thanks for sharing it with us-- hopefully some of our other users can benefit from it and use it to help envision their projects better.


I know I'll be able to use it to improve on my drafting. No more playing around in MS Paint to try and explain complex shapes to people = D


I thumbed through your gallery too; great stuff!


Thanks again for sharing this Paul, glad to have a member like you around our community!~

Posted 2011-09-09T14:57:33+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

A couple days ago, I was sent a message via the 3D warehouse from a member of this community about how to get measurements from Sketchup to build this bed. It's rather easy using Sketchup's Tape Measure tool. There are also plug-ins available, like CutList that will provide a list of boards to buy and give you a cutting pattern to minimize your waste. Here is a view of the exploded platform bed drawing I made.

Platform Bed - Exploded Detail.jpg


Hope this helps.

Posted 2011-09-18T23:46:53+0000  by Paul
What was the final cost for the king size frame? Is it a fairly easy job for someone not so experienced?
Posted 2011-09-23T03:37:44+0000  by Fflea45

Fflea45 wrote:
What was the final cost for the king size frame? Is it a fairly easy job for someone not so experienced?

Hey there Fflea45,


Welcome to our community and thanks for your question = )


It's really tough to say how much the total project will be, since not only can prices vary depending on your region, but also the styles of wood available and what you'll be using. What I would suggest is printing out the materials list that I detailed, and bringing that into your local store. I usually have people bring large project lists up to our Pro/Contractor Desk and they can help let you know how much you will be looking at.


The project itself isn't anything you shouldn't be able to tackle. I didn't include any complex math or overwhelming instructions, so worry not. If you do get stuck or need some clarification, feel free to reach out to either your local store or to us here on the community. We'd be more than happy to help!~

Posted 2011-09-23T14:53:33+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

mali bed.jpgdo you think it's possible to build a king size version of this? i imagine 5 Xs holding it up. 4 corners and a middle x. can i just put a thick board of appropriate size over the Xs and set a mattress on top? what other building of the platform top would you do to reinforce it? trying to keep the open airy look and whittle our own design around the frame. any help would be much appreciated.

Posted 2011-10-05T06:07:42+0000  by treighsee

Hi there treighsee,


A very nice choice of bed you have there. It looks very much like a Ligne Roset piece, in which case you have very good taste ; )


I took a look at breaking down the bed for you and the bottom supports do resemble small crosses. They're very thin in design, only looking to be able 3/4" to 1" thick. They also seem to be notched at the top, to allow the first layer to rest and fit within it.  Sort of like this:

Cross Legs.PNG


It looks to me like they have about a 1-1/2" to 2" thick base that sits above the crosses, and then another layer of about 1-1/2" boards that are cut at equal widths to create the platform edging.


Bed Frame Outline.PNG


You can follow similar directions that you've seen in the topic here already, or opt to place your plywood base atop the crosses as they are. Just make sure that you center it on the middle cross so that it supports itself properly.


You should have something like this when you're said and done!


Bed Frame Composite.JPG

Posted 2011-10-06T16:33:00+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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