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how to build a simple tv stand (30.5 wide, 18 deep, 10.5 tall)

Hi. Im not handy at all but what i'm imagining is something really simple. I need a tv stand for a 50lb flatscreen. It has to be low to the ground. The measurements are 30.5 wide, 18 deep, 10.5 tall.


As someone with no experience, will this be easy to do?



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Posted 2011-04-05T22:39:43+0000  by jyujuico jyujuico


Welcome to our community jyujuico!


My name is Christine and I’m going to help you out today with your project today. I’m excited about your first DIY experience!  Building something always gives a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, it is personalized for your space, so you can’t go wrong.


Here are the materials you will need for your new TV stand:

  • 3/4”-to- 2” thick plywood

  • Four table legs

  • Four L- brackets for each shelf on your stand (for instance if you are building a shelf for your DVD player, and one for your TV, you will need eight brackets) 

  • Wooden slats (use only if your stand is going to be more than 2 feet wide)

  • Wood screws

  • Screw driver

  • Drill

  • Small drill bit

  • Measuring tape

  • Level

  • Medium and light grit sandpaper

  • Stain or primer and paint

Once you have all of your materials, the fun really begins!


Let’s discuss the wood first. Depending on how many shelves you want, you will need that many piece of plywood cut to your desired dimensions. You will also want 1 piece cut to the dimensions of your entire piece. This piece will be screwed onto the back of your piece for extra support.


If wooden slats are necessary attach those first. They should be placed every 16 to 24 inches along the width of your stand for support and to keep the wood from bowing over time. When drilling into wood it is a really good idea to drill a pilot hole first, that way the screws will go in easier and straighter.


Next, attach L brackets wherever you plan to place a shelf. Make sure the brackets are evenly spaced on each leg.


Once your brackets are attached, begin with the bottom shelf and attach it to the brackets using the drill and wood screws. Work your way up the shelf. Make sure your shelves are level before moving on to the next shelf.


Aftter all the shelves are attached, screw the support plywood on to the back of the piece using the wood screws.


Last but not least, sand down your piece with a medium grit sandpaper first, and then move to a fine grit sandpaper. 


Finish it off when either a stain or paint and you’re done!


Let us know how it turns out. We love pictures :smileyhappy:


If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!




Posted 2011-04-06T14:30:29+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I read your reply for someone as I wonder, when I vaccum as easy to lift  to move into different place before vaccum?  I dont want to lift heavy due I have fusion in low back.. any idea to relate to tv stand for  60 inches samsung plamsa?


many thank,



Posted 2012-12-23T12:04:05+0000  by hgliding
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