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how to build a table

I'm looking into building my own coffee table(my first big DIY project), but I'm finding the first step to be quite difficult. I can't seem to find any free "how-to's" on this topic.

I need a light colored wood and I'd like it to have drawers. I really want to make sure that I do this right, so that it'll last a long time. Help please

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Posted 2012-01-22T02:24:45+0000  by mix mix

hey mix... welcome to the forum


about your coffee table plans... would you like help searching for a plan, figuring out if a plan is easy to build, or help in designing your own? i can assist you with any of the three. for the first, i can post a bunch of links to free plans. boring.

for the second, you post a link, we all can look at it and give some input and insight. on the road to interesting. all of us might learn something along the way...


last, we can design a piece and talk about it as we go. this is the most interesting and educational way to go... you end up with a custom design to your own specifications and we all get to learn along the way...


as for the wood, its all a matter of personal preference. the same can be said for drawers.


so what do you think?

Posted 2012-01-22T21:50:37+0000  by Paul

Just playing around, came up with this. Maybe it will be a starting point for a discussion on what makes a good coffee table design. For starters, it needs a cup of coffee...



Coffee Table.jpg

Posted 2012-02-01T00:11:10+0000  by Paul

LIke always great design Paul.


I think this is a very doable first time project. It is very straight forward and has a lot of options that can make it your own.


I think it would be cool if you had a compartment under the top so that you would have a hiding spot for all of your remotes and reading materials. All you would have to do is add a bottom to the top apron and a couple of lid support hinges to the top. This is very common on a lot of coffee table now a days.


Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and I'm sure we can help you out.


Remember the hardest thing about any project is getting the courage up to start it. So believe in yourself and always know that you have an entire community of knowledge here to assist you.

Posted 2012-02-01T16:24:13+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Just to add to the general discussion. Being that this is going to be the first "big DIY" project, I'm going to make a suggestion. When I came up with this design for the coffee table, I was envisioning it being put together using pocket holes. In the THD Hardware Department, in the bay with the routers, I believe, you will find the Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System.

Now is the time to make this investment. The more projects you do, the more you'll find uses for making pocket holes. There are other pocket hole jigs out there (most of them cheaper, even), but this is the undisputed king of the hill in pocket holes. Another advantage, as you add to your abilities, there are accessories you can add to your K4 system.


Okay, enough of sounding like a Kreg advertisement... Here is an expansion of Christine's idea of allowing the top portion to be used as storage.

Coffee Table2a.jpg

Closed top


Coffee Table2c.jpg

Left end open...


Coffee Table2b.jpg

Both sides open. Notice the blocks on each end of the top leaf, they help disguise the top's sliding out ability.


With the top sliding out of the way, you have plenty of room for the stereotypical coffee table books, board games, AV remotes, magazines, snacks (ssshhhhh)...

Posted 2012-02-04T19:04:30+0000  by Paul
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