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how to cut the aluminum on a screen frame. I found the aluminum material , but what cuts it straight

Even tho I'm a 68 year old female, I'm very good at repairs around the house.  But I have a bent aluminum frame on one of my front windows.  I bought material to put new screen in all of the screens, and have found the aluminum for the frame, but don't know what to use to cut it.  Help!!

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Posted 2013-05-06T00:40:31+0000  by clubdede clubdede

Hi Clubdede, welcome back to the community. Since you say you’re handy, this will be an easy repair project.


I have found that the use of a good hacksaw does the trick for cutting window frame material to length.


You will want to select a hacksaw blade, which will give you a smooth cut. I like using a blade with 32 teeth per inch. You can use a speed square or t-square as a guide.  


I then use a fine metal file to smooth the edge. Just remember the cutting rule, measure twice, cut once.


Please come back to us with questions about any of your projects. Please share with the community your knowledge of home repairs. That's how we all learn.

Posted 2013-05-06T16:14:12+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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