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how to cut vct tile

How do you cut vct tile? What tool should I use?

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Posted 2013-04-30T02:44:50+0000  by joechillari joechillari

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Well, that would depend on how big of a job and how often you'll be needing to.


If you're looking at doing a large area or are getting into the installation business of VCT, then investing in a cutter for them would help you quite a bit. Roberts makes a real good and tough one for you to use, Roberts 12 in. Vinyl Tile Cutter


If this is just a one time deal or for repairs, then my suggestion will sound strange, but a utility knife and a heat gun will be your best friends. Cutting this tile dry is not only tough to do but also results in chipping it most of the time. Getting a heat gun (or to that effect a hair dryer if you can't get your hands on one) will heat the tile to a safe enough temperature where you will literally be cutting it just like butter. Let it sit for a bit afterwards and it'll be back to it's solid state in no time, ready to be cut.

Posted 2013-04-30T14:53:23+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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