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how to divide a large room in two

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Posted 2013-11-02T23:53:45+0000  by Reygarcab Reygarcab

Howdy Reygarcab,


I'm guessing your trying to figure out creative ways to divide a room or maybe just a way to create the sense that there are two separate areas in the same space. While I'm no designer, I do have lot's of experience trying to divide rooms so let's take a look at some options.


1) Using a couch is a simple and usefull way to show this is this room...and that is that room.

2) A bookcase is a  to break up a space that seems to be one.

3) Curtains on a rod mounted to the ceiling is a college room standard and unlike a bookcase or couch can easily be moved.

4) The way you arrange your chairs in a room can achieve a room division without having to do much.

5) Privacy panels are a tried and true fix for a space that needs a quick and simple division.


If you get a chance, why not post some photos of how you did your room division,


Happy dividing,

Posted 2013-11-07T19:57:08+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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