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how to hook up ice maker on refrigerator

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Posted 2013-07-24T17:59:42+0000  by djohnson djohnson

Do you have a water supply line going to your refrigerator now or do you need to run one?



Posted 2013-07-25T03:26:14+0000  by Adam444


Hi Djohnson,


The refrigerator has a port on the rear to attach the water supply line.


These ports are ¼ inch in size and accept ¼ inch copper or plastic tubing and connections.


If you do not have an existing water supply line one will have to be installed. You can purchase a kit which includes all the necessary parts at your local Home Depot.


Most installations use a saddle valve attached to the cold water supply form the kitchen faucet, however

any cold water source will do if one is close to the refrigerator and can be accessed.


The saddle valve is attached to the cold water pipe and the tubing is run through the cabinets or the attic to the rear of the refrigerator.


Once you have run the line inplace, it is simply attached to the refrigerator port.


Turn on the saddle valve and you will have water to you refrigerator.


Be sure to flush the line to remove any air trapped during installation.


Finally check for leaks and you’ll be all set.


Now you will have ice and water when you want it.



Posted 2013-07-25T18:45:06+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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