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how to install 2 fans with 1 remote?

I tried instally 2 Hampton Bay fans with 2 Hampton Bay receivers, both set to the same 4-bit code.  They are both on the same a/c power line (not in a series...correctly paralleled).  The first fan works fine; the second will not  work.  I tried another fan and receiver at that box, and it still doesn't work.  If I don't install the remote-receiver on the second fan and have it connected directly to the power, then it works just fine...except of course that you have to manually turn the fan/light off/on.  (And, yes, I'm sure they were "ON" when trying to used the remote. :)  Any idea what could be wrong?


Again, the wire is hot to the second fan regardless of the first remoted fan being powered off or on, so I would have thought having 2 remote-receivers would be independent of each other, except for the shared code so they could be controlled simultaneously with just one of the handheld remotes....


Thanks in advance for your help,


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Posted 2011-07-01T14:39:52+0000  by doncarver doncarver

Hello doncarver,


Welcome to the community.


I called the Hampton Bay support team to see what they thought about your issue and they said that they would need to know the UPC from both of your fans. Due to not all of the fans are made in the same location so they may have different receivers and/or need to be installed differently.


So locate the UPC’s for both fans and give them a call so they can walk you thru it.


You can find the UPC on the top of the motor or if you have the boxes or the receipt you can also get them off of that.

Once you have them give Hampton Bay a call at:

 redington 52.jpgHamptonBay_CustServ_.jpgHB fan.jpg

Do me a favor and give us a follow up post to let us know what the outcome was. I’m interested to know since it looks like everything you did seemed to be right.


Thanks for joining the community and I’m looking forward to reading your outcome.

Posted 2011-07-01T17:03:42+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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