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how to install a ceiling fan on a drop down ceiling?

save money on my electric bill this year by installing a ceiling fan in my bedroom. My bedroom has a drop down ceiling, its been that way since I moved in her 4yrs ago. It drops down about 3 feet from the original ceiling. I want ro know how do I install a fan on a drop down ceiling? Will it be able to hold up a fan without it pulling down the ceiling and or falling off. I know its probably not going to bring down the whole ceiling but the weight of the fan could bring down the ceiling tile that's supporting the fan.

What do I look for to be sure my ceiling can support a fan? Or is it even possible? Also, is there a certain size/weight of a fan I should look into?

Also, are there instructions on how to connect the electrical wires the correct way?
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Posted 2013-05-24T02:39:59+0000  by bryanhaught bryanhaught

You can't install a ceiling fan in drop ceiling like you can some other kinds of lights.  The gridwork just isn't designed to support the weight of a fan.  Ceiling fans need to be installed in special ceiling fan junction boxes that are securely attached to structure.  In your case you would have to build some kind of framework that would attach to the structure above the drop ceiling.


Do you have electricity up there now?



Posted 2013-05-24T02:55:20+0000  by Adam444
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