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how to install range hood

how to install range hood

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Posted 2013-05-02T20:38:20+0000  by b2bear b2bear


Hi B2bear,


You did not indicate if you are replacing an existing range hood, an over the range

microwave, or if this is a new installation.


If this is a new installation, there must be a cabinet above the range, to attach the range

hood to.


In addition an electrical outlet must be inside the cabinet above the range hood to supply power for the fan and light.


Here are the necessary steps


1)      Measure to determine if the range hood will fit the opening. Most range hoods are 30 or

          36 inches wide.


2)      Next drill two holes in the cabinet above the range hood. One for the cord to reach

          the outlet and a second for the exhaust duct if you are venting it outside through the

          roof or side wall. The cord will require a 2 inch hole and the duct a 7 1/2 inch hole.


3)      Once the access holes are complete, feed the cord through the 2 inch access hole

          and position the range hood in place and secure it with screws. Be sure it is centered

          over the range.


4)      Attach the exhaust duct to the top of the range hood and plug in the cord.


5)      Finally install the hood vent filters and light bulbs and you’re ready to cook up a storm.



Posted 2013-05-09T20:13:27+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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